A tale of inspiration and blessings...

The Blessing Flower Jewelry

The Blessing Flower is a real flower for the Desert of Judea in Israel, that has the amazing ability to bloom on demand, again & again for decades!  (Yes there are flowers that bloom in the desert lol)

Desert of JudeaEach flower is hand picked and chosen to adorn each piece of jewelry from the desert garden in Judea (Judea Desert shown in this picture).  
The most amazing part of the flower is that fact that it closes it's petals and stays dormant until you place a drop of water upon the top.  That single drop soaks into the flower and causes this marvel of nature to open it's petals and show the inside.  The flower never dies and will continue to open and close for the rest of our lives.

Just imagine how amazing this is - a real flower, thousands of miles away from its Blessing Flower Pendantland, set on a pendant - yet it blooms for you again & again for decades!

It is truly a miracle. Sent to remind us of the miracle that we are! We are just like the Blessing Flower. We go through good seasons and through more challenging times when we might be in an emotional or physical desert. But when we remember to count our blessings and remember our incredible strength - then we will always bloom again.



The Blessing Flower jewelryTo open the flower just drip a few drops of water on it, or dip it in water for 10-30 sec. It will fully bloom in 1-2 min and stay opened for about an hour each time. If you want to leave it opened - just touch the middle with a wet finger.

You can activate the flower numerous times a day, or every few years. It will still continue to bloom for decades!

These amazing flowers are grown in the Judean Desert in Israel, where they bloom once a year and naturally dry in the desert sun. They are then collected &The Blessing Flower Pendant brought to a jewelry studio, where they go through a journey of unique grooming & preparation. Less than 20% of the flowers are chosen to be set in these unique jewelry & gifts (and the rest are returned to the desert).



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