Questions we get asked ALL the time about Our Vinyl Decals…

We send out over 300 vinyl decals a month and we get asked a LOT of questions about them. From how to apply them, what to do with them, and how to get them off; I will try and answer most of them today.

Question 1) How do I apply these things?
To keep this short I’m going to link to a Full Tutorial that we created HERE. It contains written instructions as well as a video tutorial

Question 2) How do I get Vinyl Decals off?
Decals can be removed by usually picking at a corner and peeling. After you get the actual vinyl off, you may be left with a sticky residue. To remove that just use some “Goo Be Gone” or standard Windex. If you have issues removing any of the top vinyl, try getting a hair dryer to heat it up first, then see if you can peel it off easier. For glass windows you can even scrape it off using a razor blade.

Question 3) Why are Bangles And Bags Decals more expensive than other places?
Simply put… you get what you pay for. If it seems to good to be true, it probably is. People get cricket machines and other personal cutters and usually buy materials from hobby and craft stores. Well the vinyl that they sell is just that. Hobby (exhibition )vinyl… This means that it’s generally thinner and the adhesive is not as strong. Bangles and Bags ONLY sells Professional grade vinyl with a 7+ year Outdoor life. This means that our vinyl is the same vinyl used on Police cars, business signs, and even the pin stripe going down the side of your car. It’s as much as 3 times thicker which means the colors last longer without cracking and the adhesives stick even under the worst conditions, like in a dishwasher. If you buy vinyl from somewhere else for a cheaper price, you are getting what’s known as hobby or exhibition vinyl. It is made to last less than a year or two outside. You know you’ve seen those cars with crackled and peeling vinyl monograms.. Yeah they probably thought they were getting a great deal at the time but now they have to buy another and spend even more. We believe in doing it right the first time so that you don’t have to do it again so that’s why our vinyl decals cost more.. Because the quality is 10 times better.

Question 4) What’s the difference between the Outdoor and Indoor Vinyl you sell?
Simple, it’s designed so that it can go on your wall without ripping the sheet rock off. The indoor vinyl Bangles and Bags sells is just as thick as our outdoor vinyl The major difference is the adhesive on the back. It’s not as strong so that it doesn’t hurt walls and things like that. We don’t recommend using it outside because of that reason. The indoor vinyl is also a “matte” finish instead of a “glossy” finish. That’s how you can tell the difference when you receive it. Outdoor vinyl has a much stronger adhesive and if you put it on your wall, it will rip the sheet rock off so you have been warned!

Question 5) How BIG can I make my monogram decal?
That’s completely up to you! We can make you any size decal you need, just keep in mind that most vinyl rolls are only 2-4 feet wide so it may have to be spliced together if it’s bigger than that. This just means you overlap the edge to piece it together, but don’t worry, we will send you EXTREMELY LARGE DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS if you ever need anything that big. Lol

Question 6) What’s a good size monogram decal for the back of my car?
The perfect size is between 4 and 6 inches. Much smaller and you can’t see it from a distance. Much larger and you just look like you are advertising something. Lol

Question 7) What’s the best color to put on the windows of my car?
Honestly, WHITE… We have put nearly every color on car windows but the one that always shows up the best is white. Why you ask? Because your windows from the outside of your car look dark gray or almost black. So a white vinyl monogrammed decal is a great contrast to the dark color of your car windows.

Question 8) What is “application” or “transfer” tape?
It’s the clear or paper covering on top of your vinyl decal. Without it the tiny little pieces of your design would be so hard to stick on to stuff you would never be able to figure it out. Unlike a sticker that is usually just a big round thing that you can peel and stick, vinyl decals are actually cut out designs. So in order to “transfer” them onto something we use that application tape to hold all the little pieces of the design together to transfer it over to an item. The glue on the “transfer” tape is not as sticky as the glue on the back of the decal.. So once your decal touches the item you want it on, when you peel off the transfer tape it easily comes off leaving your decal behind on the item.

Question 9) What goes into making my Custom Vinyl Decal?
First we had to buy the machines that cut the vinyl. They are known as a plotter. They cost around $2000 dollars.
Second we had to buy the vinyl materials including the vinyl itself, and the transfer tape. We buy them in HUGE rolls over 50 yards long!
Third we had to buy extremely expensive software to design your decal. Pro grade software is ridiculously expensive and upgrades are just as expensive. Our embroidery software cost of over $3000. 
Fourth we had to buy commercially sellable fonts. We can’t just use a font.. believe it or not but fonts are Copyrighted by their creators and if we sell something using that font without permission we could be fined or worse. Some fonts we have bought for over $300-$500 each.
Fifth one of our team members takes your order and digitally programs it into our software.
Sixth it is sent to the plotter to be cut out
Seventh a team member loads your vinyl onto the plotter, aligns everything and starts the cutting process.
Eighth the design is cut from the machine and sent to a “weeder”. This person literally picks out or “weeds” out the parts of the vinyl that you don’t want. So all those little cut out places inside your monogrammed decal someone had to manually pick out piece by piece. It’s time consuming and difficult, but our Bangles and Bags staff handles hundreds of them at a time.
Ninth, after it’s weeded it’s sent to a team member for Transfer tape application. They apply the Transfer tape to the top and cut out the design for shipment to you.

So as you can see there are a lot of things involved in making a Custom Monogrammed decal. You can always trust Bangles And Bags to give you the best decals around, the highest quality, at the best prices.

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