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Being in the Embroidery / Monogramming business for over 13 years has taught us a lot.  We always hear customers say “my friend has a home embroidery machine, why pay you to do it?”

We always answer with the same reply.  “We encourage you to get them to sew your items for you”.

I’m sure you’re thinking, why would you send customers away?

The answer is simple.  We know that those customers will usually return and bring all their items to us to sew.

Home sewing machines that do embroidery require setup, understanding of materials, purchased fonts or designs, and tons of time. 

Through our years of experience we have all of this down to a science, while most home embroiderers or home sewers have not had the massive amounts of trial and error in embroidery that we have had.

We have had customers bring us destroyed  items that they have had sewn from home embroiderers and even other embroidery companies, crying over the quality of the stitching, size of the monogram, placement or even worse the massive puckering of the fabrics, all in the name of saving a few dollars. 

Why don’t they take it back where they had it done to get it fixed?  Most people are afraid to tarnish their friendships or tell someone they have known for years, they did a horrible job.   So instead they bring the damages to us to try and repair.

The problem with embroidery is this:  It is a destructive process.  Meaning, the threads go in easy, but don’t  come out easy.  They leave permanent holes in your fabrics when removed and can sometimes destroy an item.

All too often I have seen irreplaceable items destroyed and brought to us to try and “cover” over others mistakes.


So why should you trust us to do your embroidery and monogramming?

  • We don’t use home sewing machines.  We actually have 7 state of the art digital commercial embroidery machines, capable of stitching up to 1500 stitches per minute.  (Other commercial machines max out at 800, home embroidery machines max out around 200).  This means that we can sew your items faster with more precision than any other embroidery machine.

  • Over 13 years experience embroidering.  Items as small as a babies shirt cuff, to as large as a shower curtains and bed spread with a 14” Monogram on the front, we have had lots of practice.  We have learned from our mistakes over the years and have perfected what we do and stand behind that experience.

  • Our stitching is tighter, more consistent, and made to last.  Some other companies create loose or uneven stitching.  We use 100% polyester thread that it is color fast and maintains its shape and color for years to come vs. the cheaper Rayon thread.

  • We hand measure every item to ensure placement is dead center on your items, or in the exact place you want it.

  • We use commercial backing on nearly every product giving the embroidery support and helping to avoid puckering.  This backing also keeps your embroidery looking great even after washes.

  • The ability to sew any thing from 1-5000 items.  All of our embroidery is done in house, including designing and digitizing logos, or fonts.  What that means is that if you need something changed on a design or monogram, we can do it in minutes instead of having to send it out or hire another company to make those changes.

  • Our selection.  We stock over 500 spools of commercial embroidery thread in hundreds of colors.  Have the ability to sew nearly any font and keep over 10,000 stock designs on file at all times.

  • Our support and customer service staff.  With years of experience in color combinations and seeing products embroidered, our staff KNOWS what looks good.  They know what colors to pick, what fonts look best and what size your monogram needs to be.  Plus they work with you to get everything exactly like you want.  Best of all, unlike your friend, we are open on regular business hours, so you pick it up at YOUR leisure, not theirs.

  • Our prices are the most competitive in the market.  Most jobs are sewn for around $10.  Other companies charge by the letter which can raise your price tremendously.  Our prices are consistent.  We don’t quote you $10 and give another friend the same for $5 like home embroiders do.

All of these reasons from our selection of fonts, our experience, and prices have made us one of the top embroiderers in our area of the country.

But You don’t have to take our word for it, just take a look at what can happen when you go with another company.  Or as we always say “Try it out yourself and see the difference.”



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